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Athletics season kicks off stronger than ever

After a 2020 season fraught with drama due to COVID and its consequential restrictions, Eastern Hills Little Athletics Centre (EHLAC) has come back stronger and more dedicated to keeping athletics alive in the hills than ever before.

With the commencement of the 2021/22 season just a fortnight ago it’s not too late to join in the fun as athletes as young as five up to under 17, have been challenging themselves to be their best and reach their goals.

The extra attention on athletics, brought about by this being an Olympic year has the athletes buzzing with enthusiasm.

They train hard on Mondays and play hard on Saturdays coming together with the entire EHLAC family to compete for PB’s as they watch their results soar over the season.

For some it’s serious business, for others, the excitement and opportunities of competing in new events as they age up is part of the appeal, for others still it’s simply about family, friends and fun.

EHLAC is run by a dedicated committee of parents who wholeheartedly devote the hours it takes to coordinate such a sport, with the support of parent volunteers who enjoy the on field action almost as much as the athletes.

The versatility of the events and the all-inclusive nature of the sport makes athletics a great option for children of all abilities who enjoy team or individual sports alike.

Regardless of their motivations, athletes enjoy every minute of the day as they cheer each other on, actively taking part in their community, making new friends along the way.

Eastern Hills has had some proud representatives on the State and National stage in the past and continue to cultivate little champions.

If your child enjoys being active and your family enjoys the community spirit of the hills, then why not attend a ‘come and try’ session with EHLAC where we are all about ‘fun, family and fitness is the heart of the hills’.  Email: EHATHS99@gmail.com or find us on Facebook.

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