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One of the stolen Chidlow bikes. Photo: Mundaring Police.

Bikes targeted by thieves

By Rebecca Peppiatt

A spate of burglaries in the Mundaring area is concerning police who say they are almost powerless to stop them without assistance from the public.

Mike Tite, Officer in Charge at Mundaring Police Station, says he believes a group of four is targeting off-road motorbikes in the Hills area, brazenly entering properties and stealing them from homes in the middle of the night.

“It’s really rare to have linked crime in the Hills,” he said.

“So to have a spate of off-road bikes getting stolen, we’re calling that linked as it’s very likely to be the same group.”

Sergeant Tite said there were three bikes stolen from two separate properties in Chidlow last month and at least one more taken from a house in Parkerville before that.

He said offenders are starting to use battery-powered angle-grinders to cut through padlocks and chains making it easier for the bikes to be taken.

They’re often exchanged for drugs or other goods and not sold on, making it harder for them to be recovered.

“Often the thefts happen when people are at home in the early hours of the morning,” Sgt Tite said.

“A couple of these bikes were on a well known for sale platform before they were taken which is where a lot of the offenders find out about them.”

Sergeant Tite said immobilisers on bikes and recording serial numbers is a good start to stopping these crimes from occurring.

“When people come to look at the bikes that are up for sale, ask to see someone’s license or some form of ID,” he said.

“Just be super cautious with who you’re giving your address out to.”

But without immediate reporting of the offence, Sergeant Tite said there is little the police can do.

“A lot of the offending isn’t getting reported until later, which isn’t helping us,” he said.

“We see a lot of people talking about it on social media and it’s a very visible offence but often the outcome and the resolution strategy is that we rely on public information to be able to pursue them.

“We just need that public assistance.”

Sergeant Tite said there is 24 hour police coverage throughout the Hills, so crimes like these can be reported at any time.

He urged members of the public to call 131 444 or Crimestoppers.

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