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City of Swan asset works coordinator Jamie Hogan has made 97 plasma donations.

Bloody brilliant donors at Swan

FOR most people, a relaxing work break does not include being poked by needles, but for City of Swan staff member Jamie Hogan, fortnightly lunchtime blood donations are a much looked forward to routine.

The asset works coordinator was one of 18 City of Swan workers who gave a total of 55 blood donations helping to save 165 lives – making the City the top WA local government donor in the Australian Red Cross Blood Challenge for 2020/21.

Mr Hogan joined the City’s annual blood challenge eight years ago and is now three visits shy of his 100th donation.

“It’s a good community cause, there’s a touch of personal reason behind it as well,” he said.

“One of my younger brother’s daughters died of heart failure and she was waiting for a heart transplant and also a blood donation and she couldn’t get one so that’s part of the reason she passed away.

“That spurred me on – I’m eligible, I’m capable and I should do it and since I started I’ve been encouraging others to do it as well.”

Once a fortnight Mr Hogan takes a ‘break’ from his busy scheduled to donate plasma at the Midland Donor Centre.

“I’m out in the field most of the time, so I’m on the go, for me when I come in here over lunch it’s a bit of a relaxation time, I can catch up on emails and do a good thing while I’m there,” he said.

“The people in [the donor centre] are amazing, they’re incredible.

“They treat you like royalty, they’re so nice, so generous and they make you feel good.”

He encouraged anyone who can donate to roll up their sleeves.

“To others, I say focus on the community outcome,” he said.

“I can give up to 900mls of plasma every fortnight which can have an effect on 18 lives

“That’s huge.

“Some people don’t think they have time, but I don’t think I’ve met an employer yet who has said, ‘no you can’t go give blood’ and I don’t think there will ever be one.”

More than 7000 donors are needed right now around the country with 1000 of those needed in WA.

The Midland Blood Donor Centre is located at 233 Great Eastern Highway.

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