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Bellevue resident Tim says he found an elderly lady sitting next to a bush near his front driveway in the cold.

Call for community to check up on elderly

By Breanna Inferrera

A BELLEVUE resident is urging the community to regularly check-up on our elderly, after an encounter with a disoriented elderly lady last Thursday morning.

Around 6.30am, Tim, who did not want his surname published, said he was about to leave for work when he noticed an elderly lady sitting next to a bush near his front driveway.

Tim said he went up to the lady and asked her if she was okay.

“She couldn’t really make sense of what was going on,” he said.   

“I don’t know if she has dementia or if she was just delirious from the cold because it was about eight to 10 degrees that morning.

“She didn’t really respond too much she was babbling, but I went and got a blanket and wrapped it around her.

“I called the ambulance and the police, and my neighbour who was going for a walk at that time came over and helped me.”

Tim said once the ambulance arrived, they pricked the lady’s finger for a blood test.   

“She was so cold that they had to massage her hand because there wasn’t even  any bleeding,” he said.

“They wrapped her in a couple of other blankets and put her on a seat and wheeled her up to the ambulance.”

Tim said his neighbour told him the lady is allegedly 90-years-old, lives further up the street, and is supposed to be in 24-hour care.

He urged all local residents to check in on their elderly neighbours.

“Be conscious of your elderly, even if you just ring them up, you don’t have to go see them, but you do need to check on them.

“It’s really just about maintaining those relationships.”

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