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Riverbank winery is one of the rural properties used for viticulture in Caversham.

Caversham unites with new group

By Claire Ottaviano

A NEW residents and ratepayers group has emerged out of Caversham as a result of an unwanted proposal to split the suburb into two localities.

The group was created in response to a proposed motion by Cr Charlie Zannino asking the City to prepare a feasibility study on the division of Caversham into its two rural and urban zones.

If approved by Council, a report would have come back with further information on the plan’s viability and the item sent out for public consultation.

But the motion was withdrawn before it could get started after a request from resident and  Caversham Residents and Ratepayers group founder Luke Harris.

“There’s a perception that in the urban parts of Caversham we’re different from rural,” he said.

“At its core the proposed motion was the catalyst to stir engagement from the Caversham community and resulted in the residents and ratepayers group.

“We recognised that division wasn’t a good thing and instead we want to celebrate our differences and come together and continue to the build the community as we are.”

Mr Harris started the Facebook group Caversham Community WA with just three others and it has now expanded to 5400 members.

“I usually get behind a specific initiative like Clean Up Australia Day but I am learning in my older age that I am more effective in networking,” he said.

“We’re very keen to work with the councillors as well, I am very pragmatic and we just want what’s in the best interest for Caversham.”

Originally, the suburb of Caversham was entirely encompassed in the Swan Valley Planning Act area until a portion of land was exercised out of the Act to allow for residential development.

Improving mobile phone reception and increasing infrastructure in the area are highlighted as upcoming issues to be discussed by the group.

Residents wanting to join can visit Caversham Community Advocates Residents & Ratepayers on Facebook or email cavershamrr@gmail.com

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