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darlington hall carols
Darlington and Swan View community Carols by Candlelight event coordinator Pauline Clark was dissappointed to cancel this year’s event but is looking forward to joyful festivities in 2021.

Christmas carols canned over COVID contact tracing

By Claire Ottaviano

IT will surely be a silent night in Darlington this Christmas Eve with the annual Carols by Candlelight cancelled for 2020.

Both the Darlington, on December 24, and Swan View, on December 23, carols by Candlelight will not run because the committee does not have the funding or personnel required to comply with new COVID-19 contact tracing guidelines.

As of December 5, particular businesses are required to maintain contact registers for WA Health Department mandated COVID-19 contact tracing.

While contact registration is encouraged but not mandatory for other businesses and gatherings, event coordinator Pauline Clark said with larger than usual crowds expected, it was not feasible to run the event.

“Events like these now require contact tracing for all attendees, this means we would need a fence around the carols area which would cost $20,000 for such a large area,” she said.

“Without it we can’t contact trace.

“We would also need a COVID captain to make sure we’re adhering to requirements, volunteers would need to be stationed at the public toilets and we have to clean the high traffic areas regularly and do COVID training for all volunteers.”

Despite the expected disappointment from attendees, Ms Clark said organisers were supportive of the State Government regulations.

“We have to respect that this is a terrible virus,” she said.

“This is us doing our bit, this is the whole community doing its bit.

“Every life matters, old life matters, your life, my life, we all matter and just because WA has had it good doesn’t mean we can compromise our commitment to our safety.”

Earnshaw Real Estate client services manager Kendall Earnshaw said their $2000 event sponsorship would be redirected to the annual Darlington Pavilion Music Gig held in January but they would be back to continue their sponsorship of the carols next year.

While the Glen Forrest Carols by Candlelight and the Ellenbrook Lions Club carols have  also cancelled, there are other carols around the eastern region which will still go ahead.

Midland Community Carols is hosting its annual event in Weeip Park, Midland Oval, on December 20.

The Stirk Park Carols in Kalamunda will also continue this Sunday from 6pm.

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One comment

  1. How is the Elfenbrook event going ahead today? There is no mention in advertising about having to buy tickets, or use the SafeWA app, or mention about covid safe practices, how do santise water slides etc. The event is open and not petitioned off so there isn’t any hope of contact tracing. They have the money for it, considering rate payers did have increases in their rates though it was advertised they wouldn’t…..wonder if the mayor and councillors had any change to their properties to have their rates increased…..ha of course not.

    This parade is being held outside both local federal members offices as well –

    • Jessica Shaw
    • Christian Porter

    And even though a direction had been given that no volunteer fire stations within City of Swan are to attend community events due to covid, one of the volunteer brigades is having to attend.

    Why? Why is this event being allowed to go ahead even though other community events aren’t due to covid? Why is it again ok for volunteer firefighters to be put at risk (is it because they aren’t career Firefighters who answer to DFES instead of the council? Last year the volunteer firefighters were made to stand out in the middle of a heatwave for elfenbrook all while the Yanchep fire was burning).

    I know why, because Elfenbrook is the City of Swan Mayor – Kevin Bailey’s wife’s (Cate McCullough- City Swan Councillor) pet project. And they again just like last year would rather put the community at risk than cancel the event. Many locals believe its because funds are being miss used…..who is supplying the water for today’s event? One of Kevin’s water carrying businesses?

    2019 Elfenbrook fireworks were cancelled after the WA state fire commissioner cancelled them at the 11th hour due to the number of complaints being called through 000 by Ellenbrook and surrounds residents. It was a heatwave, the Yanchep fire was blazing and all Cate cared about was her parade and fireworks (people wanted the fireworks cancelled due to the Yanchep fire, the fire risk to our community and out of respect to the east coast which was burning at the time). The water slides at the event should also have been shut down due to health reasons because of the heatwave.

    The City of Swan blatantly does not care about WA State government covid protocol. As it didn’t care about heatwave or fire safety protocol last year either. Again its just the ‘Cate’ and her collective show, feathering their nests. Personally I think the minister for local government should be looking into the City of Swan next…..City of Perth is nothing compared to the corruption going on in Swan. If City of Swan can afford this parade and fireworks, I’m pretty sure locals would prefer the Ellenbrook and surrounds security patrol reinstated instead, oh wait sorry that just keeps getting pushed aside. Heaven forbid give local people what they actually ask for.

    Bring on the next council elections, so we can make the City of Swan great again. And dump the embezzling, corrupt, conniving and selfish mayor and councillors just like the USA dumped Trump.

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