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Owner of Maid in the Hills business, Ashleigh Birch is struggling to source staff.

Cleaners hard to find in the Hills

By Sally McGlew

IF you are one of many Hills residents unable to secure a house cleaner, things don’t look like they are improving anytime soon.

Cleaners in the Perth Hills are unable to keep up with demand, with staff hard to find and new booking demands going unmet.

Owner of Maid in the Hills, Ashleigh Birch said despite placing advertisements on social media and employment pages, people are just not applying for cleaning jobs.

“I have a one-year-old so ideally I didn’t want to be back cleaning yet, with my third child,” Mrs Birch said.

“But I can’t get staff so I’m working full-time, taking the baby with me on the jobs.”

Mrs Birch said the majority of her customers are local families with both people working.

While she does clean some offices, most of her clients are parents with children.

“I hate saying no to new customers, but the demand has been so great I have had to say no.

“Previously if a cleaner called in sick, I would also be able to replace them for my clients but now I have to say I’m sorry we’ll have to cancel that week’s booking.”

Mrs Birch had 10 to 15 cleaners in her pool in previous years and has been running the business for seven years.

She said in the past she would get at least 20 applicants for each job she advertised but now she is not even getting a response.

“I’ve even roped my husband in to help, he’s had to get on the end of a vacuum cleaner and work on the jobs too.”

Since COVID-19, demand for house cleaners is a as strong as ever but the lack of backpackers coming into Perth has also lessened the number of people applying for cleaning jobs.

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