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Jordon Randles-Freeman (middle), Tayla Howard, Kyra O’Connor, Macaulay Welchman and Declan Randles-Freeman will be cleaning ZZSD.

Community unites to clean trashed Zig Zag

By Breanna Inferrera

MANY would agree with former Gooseberry Hill resident Jordon Randles-Freeman that Zig Zag Scenic Drive (ZZSD) is one of the most stunning spots in Perth to watch the sunset.

But a recent visit to the popular site left Ms Randles-Freeman disheartened when she realised it had been trashed.

It was from that moment the 28-year-old decided to create a community event to walk and clean ZZSD at 10am on Sunday, June 21.

As reported in Zig Zag closure just around the corner (Echo News, April 10), City of Kalamunda councillors resolved to close off ZZSD to vehicles for six months from May 30.

Hooning, vehicle rollovers due to excessive speed, supposed illicit drug dealing and consumption, illegal overnight camping, and litter and dumping were just some of the issues that influenced council’s decision.

Ms Randles-Freeman said her reason for creating the community event was simple.

“Because of COVID-19 I’m on JobKeeper at the moment so I’ve got the time,” she said.

“Right now, I can get people on board because we have six months of no cars.

“People won’t be discouraged by the fact it will just get trashed again the next week.

“I want to get the community involved because right now we need some positivity.”

Ms Randles-Freeman said she will provide wipes, gloves, bin bags and hand sanitiser on the day.

“I want to make it nice and easy for everybody,” she said.

“I’ve organised four sections so you can either walk down it, walk along the road leading up to the Zig Zag, you can start from the bottom, or on the path surrounding the Zig Zag, the dirt road walking trail.”

She said her ultimate goal out of the day was for her car to be full of trash.

“To be honest this was just an idea I had that snowballed into a big thing,” she said.

“It’s really just getting the community out in the bush and cleaning up an area that is beloved by many.

“It’s our home at the end of the day.”

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