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Former councillor Claire Scanlan and her rescue greyhound Walt.

Council says no to greyhound racing

By Claire Ottaviano

CITY of Swan Council has sent a message to the Minister for Racing and Gaming that it does not support greyhound racing.

The motion, by outgoing councillor Claire Scanlan, requested the mayor write to Minister Reece Whitby to express council’s view that it did not support greyhound racing in Western Australia due to animal welfare concerns.

“Whilst the greyhound track is not within the City of Swan boundary, many trainers are, and the community are telling us that it is not right to continue this practice,” former-Cr Scanlan said.

“Confinement of greyhounds for extended periods of time to housing environments with inadequate bedding, temperature control, stimulation, enrichment and human contact causes psychological and physical health concerns.”

Not everyone on council was on board with Crs Mel Congerton, Rod Henderson and then-Cr John McNamara voicing objection.

“I don’t like racing or betting of any sort,” former Cr McNamara said.

“But I believe we cannot impose rules or regulations or even ask ministers or other people to impose regulations on an industry, it must come from them.”

Motion seconder Andrew Kiely said despite the issue being “outside of the normal realm of council” it did not stop them opposing greyhound racing.

“There’s just no need for it in this day and age, the world is changing,” he said.

“We have a surplus of greyhound dogs trying to find homes all driven by the greyhound industry.

“I don’t think it’s an industry that will continue in the future.”

The successful motion was one of three put forward by Cr Scanlan at her final meeting.

The second asking staff to prepare a report on the costs of adding digital petitions to the City website was supported 12/2 and the third to change the mayor’s method of election to publicly elected was rejected 4/10 with only Crs Scanlan, Tanya Richardson, Ian Johnson and Rashelle Predovnik in support.

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