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Shelley Lee’s lactose intolerant children Hudson, Savannah and Ruby are grateful for the act of kindness.

COVID compassion on display

By Melissa Sheil

DESPITE a clear warning against panic buying from Premier Mark McGowan, Perth’s snap lockdown triggered a frenzy across the City and the eastern region, with supermarket shelves stripped and  queues out the door.

However, in the Perth Hills residents found compassion for others, going out of their way to help.

Shelley Lee was waiting in the Mundaring Woolworths line for an hour when her husband was called away to work, forcing her to leave the queue and return home without the lactose free milk she needed for her three children.

A woman nearby in the line offered to take her number and help out – a few short hours later, Ms Lee had ten litres of lactose free milk delivered to her doorstep.

“It’s so lovely to see a bit of positivity in the world right now,” she said.

“All we are hearing is negativity this week so I hope others can be equally compassionate and look out for each other.”

Similar stories of neighbourly kindness have popped up in the days since.

Another woman on the Perth Hills Chat forum Facebook group expressed gratitude for the elderly man who split his packet of toilet paper rolls with her when the shelves had been emptied.

A Gidgegannup man posted an offer to collect the shopping for elderly residents who may be unwilling to brave the packed stores and compromise their health.

Others reported tales of essential grocery store workers staying past their shift time to hand out water bottles to those waiting in queues under the sun.

“Seeing these lovely things amongst the craziness helps restore your faith in humanity and helps us think we might be ok after all,” said Ms Lee.

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