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Pickering Brook Sports Club secretary Steve Evans on the club’s burnt cricket pitch.

Cricket crisis after pitch arson attack

By Breanna Inferrera

PICKERING Brook Sports Club has been targeted in a suspected arson attack after its cricket pitch was destroyed over the holiday season.

The club, which is located on Weston Road, held its final weekend of sport on December 21 last year.

On January 2, a member from Roleystone Cricket Club discovered the pitch, which had been burnt in the shape of a pentagram.

Pickering Brook Sports Club secretary Steve Evans said the club was gutted by the damage.

“For a club that is run by volunteers for the benefit of the local and wider community, this is another financial set back we didn’t need,” he said.

“There’s probably between 50 to 60 volunteers that work around the club on the oval, on the golf course, on the bowling greens and just around the club in general.

“To have something like this happen just guts everyone, and you think, is there really any point in continuing with it?

“That’s the bottom line and unfortunately it looks like it’s someone in our community that’s done this.”

The club is currently halfway through its cricket season which started in October last year.

Mr Evans said the club’s junior and senior cricket players have been affected.

“They’ve got nowhere to play at the moment they have to find new grounds and clearly it’s going to disrupt their timetables,” he said. 

“Not just for the home team but also for the away teams.”

Mr Evans said the fire has caused approximately $9,000 damage.

“The carpet needs to be lifted because it’s burnt, the concrete needs to be grinded back because the plastic has melted into the concrete,” he said.

“The whole lot has got to be replaced.”

City of Kalamunda CEO Rhonda Hardy said the City was aware of the issue.   

“A police report was made in regard to the incident,” she said.

“The City and the Community Safety and Crime Prevention Advisory Committee are working with the club to further increase security at the facility and encourage anyone with information to contact police.”

Mr Evans said the club had no footage of the incident that occurred on the pitch.

“We have a lot of CCTV around, but that’s not one of the points we had covered,” he said.

“If anyone saw anything around that time, anything suspicious around the club or on Weston Road or Pickering Brook Road just come forward to us or go to the police. 

“It was some sort of accelerant that was used, so if someone saw someone walking with a fuel can or likewise, we’d be interested in knowing that.

“If anyone could help us, we would really appreciate it and if there is someone then they should account for it.”

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