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The Mataro Drive home was expected to remain an active crime scene for the remainder of the week.

Dayton murderer unknown

By Claire Ottaviano

FOUR days into the murder investigation of pregnant mother-of-three Janet Dweh, it is still unclear if any potential homicide charges will include the death of her unborn child.

No charges have yet been laid for the tragic killing of the 36-year-old, who was found in her Dayton home by a family member on Monday.

Superintendent Rod Wilde described the scene that met first responders as horrific.

“It’s a distressing scene, as they are in the nature of this offence,” he said.

“She was a beautiful loving woman who was well respected in the community and beloved by her family and children, they’re devastated.

“It’s a terrible crime, the death and murder of Janet, but not only Janet, she was [also] eight-months pregnant, it’s horrific.”

He said there was no threat to the community, as police believed the offender or offenders were known to the victim and most likely entered with a key or were let in by Ms Dweh herself.

In regards to the death of her unborn child, Mr Wilde said it was “complex”.

“That’s a complex area of the law,” he said.

“As the law stands it doesn’t allow for that in these circumstances.

“But when it comes to that, we’ll be speaking to the Director of Public Prosecutions around appropriate charges in relation to the death of the unborn child.”

Her children are in the care of family members with the Mataro Drive home expected to remain an active crime scene until the weekend.

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