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KFC dispersed
Koongamia Football Club has been left with nowhere to go.

Disappointment as club kicked to the kerb

KOONGAMIA Football Club were dealt a crushing blow last week after the disbandment of the Metro Football League women’s competition.

The four-team league was left fragmented after Dwellingup Football Club returned to the Peel Football League and Murdoch University Football Club dropped out due to difficulty raising enough players.

That left Koongamia and Queens Park football clubs with nowhere to go.

Koongamia club president Chris Ryder said the remaining two teams had hoped to be absorbed into the Perth Football League (PFL) 2022 season but were left disappointed when told they could not be accommodated.

“It’s a huge slap in the face especially when it comes to the community we’ve built around the women’s footy and being a family orientated club,” Mr Ryder said.

“We’re frustrated as a community.”

The PFL did offer to help the clubs disperse players amongst other teams in the league until they could re-join their home clubs in the PFL 2023 season.

“That’s not an option,” Mr Ryder said.

“We have a group of girls that want to stick together because the reason they’re all there together is because they’ve committed to supporting one another.

“They’ve played their pre-season and recruited really well, it is so disappointing that we’re faced with this now.”

The club has also been given the option to play against PFL clubs in unscored games, but that would be up to the discretion of the other clubs to join them.

Mr Ryder also fears dispersing the women means many won’t return to Koongamia next season.

Club registrar Rikita Ryder said the women’s team, formed only 12 months ago, had created a sense of belonging for many women and families in the area.

“It has grown so much, now on the weekends that oval is packed,” she said.

“It’s like a big carnival.

“It’s somewhere for them to feel like they belong, they feel they’ve made really good friendships.

“They enjoy each other’s company and encourage each other to be better and to keep going when they’re struggling.”

With lease and association fees to pay and revenue opportunities lost with the cancellation of home games, the club is also facing a financial loss.

Despite the hardships facing them, Rikita and Chris both maintain a positive outlook and say they are hopeful for the continuation of the women’s team into the future.

By Claire Ottaviano

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