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Dog park close for Dayton

DAYTON dog-lovers may be one step closer to having a place to call their own, with a concept design for a $150,000 dog park debated on Wednesday night.

At the City of Swan council meeting of October 16 2019, council resolved to consult with the local community on establishing a dog park at lot 8011, Teliqua Corner in Dayton.

Lot 8011 is a Reserve zoned for public recreation and the City currently has a management order over the site.

The site is currently undeveloped as it forms part of the corridor housing Western Power transmission line infrastructure.

The consultation received 36 comments, with 28 in approval and 8 in objection.

Key design elements of the park will include a fenced dog running area of 2900 square metres, a dog dig, purpose built dog play equipment, off street parking on Firewood Way and tree planting, including a landscape buffer to the south of the facility.

The concept design caters for dogs of all sizes, with the vacant land split between an area for large dogs and an area for small dogs, provisions the officer noted has been demonstrated in other examples to reduce the severity of animal conflicts and improves the perception of safety.

The largest single cost associated with the facility will be $10,000 for an electrical consultant to undertake electrical safety assessments, with Western Power requiring the City to commission Earth Potential Rise and Low Frequency Induction assessments.

If the dog park is passed by Council it will proceed to the detailed design phase.

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