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Daniel Taylor (bass) , Veronica Zurzolo (vocals/guitar), Brody Honey (drums) and Lachlan Casey (guitar), make up Kalamunda band Dolce Blue.

Dolce Blue reflect bittersweet hills summers

By Melissa Sheil

DOLCE Blue’s new single SUMMERWAVE was born from suburban summers in the Kalamunda Hills, filled with twangy guitars, shuffling rhythms and destructive youth.

Veronica Zurzolo (vocals/guitar), Lachlan Casey (guitar), Daniel Taylor (bass) and Brody Honey (drums) met at  Kalamunda High School but only became a band when a music teacher grouped them together during class.

“Our music teacher from Kalamunda High Mr Roberts basically threw us into the same room together and told us to jam, which we’re very grateful for,” Brody said.

“This song SUMMERWAVE actually captures a special time for our band, a time when our friendship and musical connection blossomed.”

Though two of the four members have since moved out of the area, Kalamunda remains a large influence in their music and song writing.

“Growing up in the hills meant that it was often hard to get exposed to other Perth bands, instead inspiration for our songs often came from what music was played over the local radio or at friend’s houses,” Daniel said.

“This isolation caused us to all have differing influences which can be heard throughout our songs.”

True to their bittersweet name (Dolce meaning sweet, Blue meaning melancholy) SUMMERWAVE is an upbeat and playful song that tells that tale of a challenging life period, set against the backdrop of a Hills summer.

“I don’t want to reveal too much of the song’s narrative, but it’s written in the setting of the dry red-dirt dusty smoggy setting, quite often with silky smoke from nearby bushfires lingering – that is quite iconic to summer in the hills for me,” Veronica said.

“Summer in Kalamunda often feels quite suburban, if that suburbia is surrounded and filled with gumtrees and hangouts in Brody’s pool.

SUMMERWAVE romanticises this concept with mention of concrete pavers, chlorinated hair, music playing and drinks with friends.”

Dolce Blue will be playing at The Aardvark (Fremantle) on March 20, and at the Bird (Northbridge) on March 24.

They are working on recording a debut album, planning a WA tour and setting up a local show with a full Hills-based line-up.

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