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Swan Hills MLA Jessica Shaw awards artist Eve Wolf with the 2021 overall Ellenbrook-Swan Art Award.

Fremantle pilings scoop artist award

By Claire Ottaviano

THIS year’s overall Ellenbrook-Swan Art prize was awarded to Eve Wolf for her acrylic on canvas work Pilings.

Judges were impressed with the diversity of this year’s entrants from 91-year-old City of Swan category winner John Whitehead for his painting Memories to Bianca Butler for her fibre and merino wool 3D sculpture Forage.

Wolf’s artistic process starts with acrylic paint on canvas which is then refined with acrylic pen.

“I mainly used to draw with lead pencil and, while I still like drawing, I really wanted to just play more with colour and be a bit more loose and free,” she said.

“But then I still can’t help myself but go back in and draw.

“A lot of my paintings are representational, but I prefer them to be more towards abstract and drawing into them allows me to do that.”

The judges said when seen from afar, the work appeared as a simple and straight forward image, but close up it becomes a detailed abstraction, evocative of a tapestry.

Growing up in Swan View, Wolf would often draw inspiration from her surroundings.

“I often start by going on little expeditions with my camera, I might go back to interesting places I’ve driven past or seen on my travels,” she said.

“The inspiration [for Pilings] was taken from behind the Fremantle Power Station, there were all these waterways behind it and I was really drawn to the reflections in the water  – to the beauty in its isolation.

“What you see from the street isn’t the same as what’s on the other side, the building and ocean made for an interesting landscape.”

The Ellenbrook Art Award is open to all Western Australian artists with a particular focus on Ellenbrook and its surrounds.

Launched in 2015, the award aims to promote, nurture and cultivate excellence in the visual arts to the Ellenbrook community.

More than 80 artworks are on display at the Ellenbrook Art Centre every Wednesday to Saturday, 10am to 5pm, and Sundays 1pm to 5pm until August 19.

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