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Matt Katich, Peter Nuich, Corina Johnson, East Metropolitan MLC Alyssa Hayden, George Martinich, Violet and Ned Barbarich and Grant Brinklow near West Swan Rd.

Faragher not for West Swan Rd corridor

PLANNING Minister Donna Faragher says she is not in favour of land alongside West Swan Rd being used for an infrastructure corridor as had been outline in the draft green growth plan.

“Both myself and the Department of Planning consider the West Swan Road alignment as the least preferred option in terms of orderly and proper planning in the Swan Valley,’’ she said.

Mrs Faragher commented after East Metropolitan MLC Alyssa Hayden said the Planning Minister had written to her saying the alignment shown in the draft green growth plan documents was not appropriate and the Water Corporation would re-examine all viable options for an infrastructure corridor proposed for West Swan Rd.

Mrs Faragher said the purpose of the green growth plan was to secure high-level state and commonwealth environmental approvals for the long term land, infrastructure and resource needs for the Perth and Peel regions to grow to 3.5 million by 2050, which would enable the state to progress future detailed planning.

While the proposed alignment for the northern services corridor was conceptual, she had discussed the matter with the Water Minister Mia Davies.

“We both agree that the Water Corporation will re-examine all viable options for its alignment, taking into account the Swan Valley Planning Act and its objectives, particularly with respect to tourism, viticulture and agriculture,” Mrs Faragher said.

She said the outcome of the re-examination of all the options would be reflected in the final green growth plan documents.

Mrs Faragher said the State Government provided an opportunity for the community to have their say on the green growth plan, and public submissions had closed on May 13.

Mrs Hayden said the strategic conservation plan of the green growth plan, under draft action plan C, had identified a proposed infrastructure of power, water and wastewater, which would go in a resumed 40m strip of land along West Swan Rd.

She had met with Swan Valley residents, commercial landowners, table-grape growers, vignerons and tourism operators to hear their concerns about the proposal.

“Everyone was concerned that such a resumption would be economically disastrous, severely impacting on landowners and tourism operators,’’ she said.

She took the issue to the Planning Minister asking for consideration to be given to alternate routes in order to lessen any economic impact on the Swan Valley.

“Henley Brook Ave and the easement in the eastern side of Whiteman Park along Lord St were suggested as alternate options to be investigated, as well as the existing infrastructure corridor that carries gas and high voltage power lines through the Swan Valley.’’

By Anita McInnes

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