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Alison Gilchrist says uncontrolled dogs in Swan View have left neighbours fearful to walk their local streets. Twiggy's injuries

Fed up and fearful

By Claire Ottaviano

THE City of Swan is investigating a vicious attack in Swan View that left a dog with serious injuries.

Alison Gilchrist was walking her 15-year-old border terrier Twiggy and 13-week-old toy fox terrier Merida on Gypsy Rise when an Alsatian broke through a gated property and lunged at the trio.

“It came towards me but at the last minute went for Twig,” she said.

“It had hold of her and it was dragging her around the road by the rear.

“She has serious puncture wounds around her backside.”

Merida ran off during the chaos as Ms Gilchrist tried to save her elderly dog.

It is the second time in 18 months Ms Gilchrist has been attacked by a dog while walking in Swan View.

The first time she needed surgery to her arm after being savagely mauled by a staffy only 100m from her home.

Now, after a second incident, she said enough is enough with other residents fearing for their safety.

“We walk our dogs on leads but we always have loads of people with loose dogs come after Twig,” she said.

“There are so many people out there with their dogs off leash and they don’t control them.

“I’ve posted to Facebook so many times and lots of people say they never walk their dogs now because they’re too scared.”

A City of Swan spokesperson said the City was still obtaining and reviewing evidence and any action taken will be in accordance with the The Dog Act 1976.

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