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An artist’s impression of the Bellevue Railcar building once it is completed on Elgee Road.

Feedback on road closure still needed

By Sally McGlew

FEEDBACK on Stage Two of the Bellevue Railcar manufacturing facility on Elgee Road is expected to be delivered to Development WA until Monday, April 12.

The facility is moving to its final stage of fit out, ready to begin manufacturing and assembling WA’s future METRONET railcars for the network next year.

  Bellevue residents and ratepayers association Chairman Mark Richards said he was concerned that Metronet appeared to be pushing  ahead with its plan to close Robinson Road when it didn’t actually have to.

“This is being done without any consideration for the costs to our community,” Mr Richards said.

“I have no doubt the  costs will outweigh the benefits.”

 While the Stage Two development application doesn’t mention the closure of Robinson Road in the paperwork, the City of Swan said they were approached over the potential closure of the road in September 2020 by the Public Transport Authority (PTA).

City of Swan chief executive Jeremy Edwards said  the  City has not processed the application.

Mr Edwards says this is pending the completion of the traffic modelling being undertaken by the PTA to demonstrate the impacts of the closure.

The City was made aware that it is unlikely the modelling will be available in the near future, Mr Edwards said.

“As a result the City has rejected the application for the Robinson Road closure at this time.

“The PTA will reapply at such time that the implications of the closure have been investigated so that this can be analysed and explained to the community prior to public advertising.”

Comments can be submitted on the website, by email to planning@developmentwa.com.au or by post for the attention of the Manager Statutory Planning, Locked Bag 5, Perth Business Centre, Perth WA 6849.

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