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Wyatt and Chet Colombini haven’t quite managed to find all 28 fairy doors yet but are keen to try.

Find the fairy doors

By Melissa Sheil

MAGIC is in the air in Kalamunda, as five new fairy doors popped up across Stirk Park.

The doors, which now join the other 23 across the village were installed and created by a mysterious benefactor.

“My fairy doors are hidden in all sorts of places across Kalamunda and all look quite different,” she said.

“There are now eight fairy families across the park so see if you can go find them all.”

Local fairy hunters Wyatt and Chet Colombini said they are very excited to see new doors in the park.

“More and more keep coming up,” Chet said.

“It’s really fun to try and find them, though I got a bit wet looking in the creek for one.”

The fairy door creator said she is looking for families to adopt a door to  keep the fairy homes looking nice and pretty over the year.

Anyone interested can message the Kalamunda Fairy Door Facebook page.

Trail maps can be picked up at the Perth Hills Visitor Centre.

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