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Fire ignorance angers

By Melissa Sheil

REPORTS of arson behaviour in the City of Kalamunda angered  Pickering Brook and High Wycombe residents last week.

On the night of Friday, February 5, residents in High Wycombe were alarmed to hear loud bangs coming from Rangeview Park, later identified as fireworks, an activity forbidden under a total ban with the exception of licensed pyrotechnicians.

Nearby resident Sue Galpin said she was not impressed when she discovered the cause of the noise.

“I was just so shocked and angry that we know all these volunteer firefighters are putting their lives at risk and some people have lost their houses and there are still some idiots letting off explosives in High Wycombe,” she said.

“The news was all around them regarding the fires so it’s not like they weren’t aware of fire danger.”

Police were called to the scene after some concern that the noise was result of a gun shot, but witnesses believe the sirens of their vehicles alerted the perpetrators, prompting them to flee.

Over in Pickering Brook the prior evening, Josephine Eynaud said she was shocked when she smelt smoke drifting from the shed at the back of her property about 5.30pm on Thursday, February 4, during the Wooroloo bushfire crisis.

“I was in my office and I thought I was smelling smoke from the fires in the Hills but it was too strong, so I ran out to the house to see if the kids were ok,” she said.

“As I was standing near my office, I saw the orange flames coming out the shed.

“I just yelled ‘fire’, grabbed a hose and started spraying while the kids got a second hose.

“There is no way it could have started naturally, I think someone lit it.

“Nothing was really damaged but I think that’s because I caught it early.”

Ms Eynaud said she reported the incident to Forrestfield Police Station.

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