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SBTS 2022, Ron Gomboc.
Ron Gomboc makes the final touches on his sculpture Bez reči for next month’s Sculpture by the Sea.

Gomboc sculpture takes spiritual influence

ICONIC local sculptor Ron Gomboc will cross off the 18th time he’s exhibited in both Cottesloe and Bondi Sculpture by the Sea next month.

Gomboc is the only Australian sculptor whose work has been selected for every Cottesloe show.

This year his 3.5-metre-tall sculpture titled Bez reči (without words) is made from corten weathering steel and stainless steel.

“I like to think that because it is without words people can see what they want to see in it, it is abstracted enough that you can use your own imagination,” Gomboc said.

“The three stainless steel birds on top symbolise freedom and the spirit of our existence.

“Those birds are kinetic, they aren’t welded on, if the wind is strong enough down by Cottesloe they’ll start to turn almost like a weathervane.”

Gomboc has run his gallery in Middle Swan for 40 years where he makes all his sculptures from the drawing board right through to the final product.

As a result of his participation in Sculpture by the Sea over the years his sculptures have been acquired into major public and private collections in WA including the department of the premier and cabinet in Dumas House, Burswood Park, the Town of Claremont, the Town of Cottesloe, Minderoo Foundation and Tattarang.

Gomboc said spirituality has been a continued symbol in his work and most of his sculptures are drawn from birds, contrary to what some may think.

“To me a lot of my shapes are to do with birds,” he continued.

“People often say ‘oh you’re the man that makes whales tales’, none of my work is related to whale tales but if you look at my work and see that, that’s fine by me because you’ve seen something I haven’t that was not intended.”

The 18th annual Cottesloe Sculpture by the Sea begins next week on March 4 and will up to the 21st.

By Morgan de Smidt

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