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Greens candidate 2022 Federal Election
Brendan Sturcke, pictured at the Helena Valley wetlands, is fighting for change for the people of Hasluck.

Greens candidate passionate about change

IT could be a birthday to remember for Brendan Sturcke on May 21 when the Greens federal election candidate turns 54 on voting day.

The mining medic is coming to the end of a two-year campaign trail after he ran in last year’s state election for the Greens and then picked up the reins again to have a crack at the federal seat of Hasluck this year.

In all that time, his passion and beliefs have only strengthened.

“The electorate of Hasluck is in desperate need for change and I’d be honoured to be the person to drive that change,” he said.

“There is no bigger issue than climate change at the moment but we need social change also.”

Mr Sturcke has previously worked as a homeless coordinator and lived in various suburbs of the Perth Hills and eastern region.

“I’ve lived in the toughest street in Midvale to the more wealthy suburb of Guildford so I understand the different needs of the electorate,” he said.

“People of all ages, race, sexuality in the area deserve a voice and I’m willing to listen.

“I’d like to represent the vast cross section of Hasluck so I expect to talk to prisoners the same day I speak to business owners.”

Mr Sturcke is particularly passionate about local issues including saving the Helena Valley wetlands, development in South Guildford, the Eastlink road and the closure of Robinson Road, as well as the issues raised by community group Save Perth Hills.

“Some of these are state issues but the Federal Government still can have involvement,” he said.

“I love a challenge and I don’t play games.

“I’m really honest about what I’m standing for.”

With climate change in such strong focus right now, Mr Sturcke thinks the Greens are in a really strong position this year to get more of a foothold into parliament.

“As a parent I’m concerned about the future for our youth,” he said.

“Our children and grandchildren deserve to be given a future.

“The effects of climate change must be addressed now as we only have a small window of opportunity.”

Campaigning for the seat of Hasluck is Mr Sturcke doing his bit for a future.

“This is that real critical decade,” he said.

“I don’t want to look at my grandkids and go, I didn’t do anything.

“I want to go, I had a crack.

“I think it’s really important and I said that to my son, I said look, I’m doing this for you as much as anything.”

By Rebecca Peppiatt

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  1. What an awesome candidate and representative for the people of Hasluck. Brendan will definitely be getting my vote. Good luck!

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