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Jude Smyth and Alison Polich (back) and Guildford Association president Barbara Dundas.

Guildford childcare centre not supported

By Claire Ottaviano

A GUILDFORD house set for demolition may yet win a reprieve with a decision to reject a proposed childcare centre on the site to come before Council next week.

Staff recommend rejecting the application for the demolition of the Fauntleroy Street house, and its rebuild as a childcare centre for up to 75 children and 10 staff, because of inadequate parking.

The plan proposes 18 on-site car parking bays, which the City said is a five-bay shortfall on what is required under the local planning policy and spillage onto Fauntleroy Street would likely be to the detriment of the road functionality and convenience and amenity of residents.

Swan Street East resident Jude Smyth presented the Council with a 141-signature petition objecting to the child care centre in December.

“This small residential pocket of Guildford is already under traffic and parking pressure due to the proximity of the railway station and St Jude’s aged care facility along with Salisbury House on James Street,” she said.

“This residential area cannot cope with another large-scale commercial development.

“It will have a huge impact on the street scape owing to removal of beautiful mature trees to make way for a car park fronting the street.”

The house was constructed sometime before 1939 but does not feature on the City’s Heritage Inventory, Heritage List, or State Heritage Register but is located within the Guildford Conservation Precinct and Guildford Historic Town State Heritage Place.

A total of 32 submissions were received in response to the development application, three in support and 29 against.

Those in opposition objected on the grounds of heritage and vegetation loss, adverse impact of noise, odour and traffic, insufficient on-site parking and impact of road and aircraft noise on children.

“The former owner of this heritage site Mr Fred Bishop is featured in the 2021 City of Swan calendar and now you are considering a development application which considers demolishing his old home and destroying the roses and trees he nurtured over a lifetime,” Mrs Smyth said.

“Fred will be rolling in his grave to hear of such a proposition.”

Perth Airport also objected to the proposal because it regarded a childcare premises as an ‘unacceptable’ building type under State planning guidelines for building on land in the vicinity of the airport.

Council is expected to make a decision on the item next Wednesday, July 14.

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