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Long-serving councillor John Gangell was elected to Bassendean Council in 2005.

Councillor hops the fence to run for Swan

By Claire Ottaviano

A BASSENDEAN councillor and former mayor has resigned from his post to have a crack at a spot on City of Swan council.

John Gangell handed in his resignation to the Town of Bassendean this week so he can nominate for the one available seat in the Midland/Guildford ward in the upcoming local government election.

He said while the decision to leave Bassendean, halfway through his four-year term, was a “leap of faith”, he was looking forward to the opportunity to get “great outcomes” for Midland/Guildford.

“I have a huge passion for the [Midland] area, I grew up in the area, work in the area and have an understanding of the local issues,” he said.

“Unfortunately, it’s well-known there’s infighting in the current council and that’s not to the benefit of the community we are there to represent.

“I think the City has a wonderful opportunity to have so many things happen but we need a cohesive strong council.

“I’m keen to be a person on council who talks to everyone and works with everyone    I’m aligned to no one.”

Mr Gangell grew up in South Guildford where he attended Guildford Primary School and Governor Stirling Senior High School.

He was elected to Bassendean council in 2005 where he was mayor from 2009 to 2017.

“This has not been an easy decision at all,” he said.

“I loved my time at Bassendean and it’s been a great privilege.

“I will be working very hard to show why people of the Midland/Guildford ward should put their faith and trust in me to provide strong leadership going forward.”

He is currently living in Midland but owns property in Bassendean.

The candidate is vying for one empty seat in his ward of residence and is so far up against Midland/Guildford candidate Sarah Howlett, with outgoing Cr Claire Scanlan not renominating for the position.

While local government election nominations do not open until September 2, many have started to put their names forward including but not limited to, David Willer, Shaun Hughes, Aaron Bowman, Rob Howes and Jesse J Fleay for Pearce, Michelle Maynard, Haeden Miles and Dave Knight for Whiteman and Tracy Hopkins and Peter Lyndon-James for Altone.

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