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The agricultural show is the Kalamunda biggest community event, but still finds itself without the volunteers needed.

Kalamunda show faces the chopping block again

By Melissa Sheil

KALAMUNDA show is racing the ticking clock as it struggles to find members to join the volunteer committee and scrounge up funding for its 2021 event.

Committee chairman Wayne Garwood said they are setting a deadline of January 7 to fill the positions necessary before the show is cancelled – for the second year in a row.

“We cancelled only three weeks before the day this year because of COVID, which cost us a lot, we’ve only barely replenished the kitty through various grants,” he said.

“Still, our main priority is rounding up volunteers for the committee because we’re stretched pretty thin as it is.

“We’re all working multiple roles and people are stepping down.”

The committee requires people to step into the position of treasurer, entertainment coordinator, gate/parking coordinator, COVID coordinator, sponsorship/regulation coordinator, and several other roles.

“We urge people to sign up – it’s very rewarding,” said Mr Garwood.

Adding insult to injury, the committee also faces the pressing problem of a lack of funding.

Kalamunda show was ineligible to apply for the round of Federal funding offered to agricultural shows due to having already recieved alternative COVID cancellation grants.

Funding for the show was not included in the City of Kalamunda’s 2020/21 Crisis budget, and the committees request for $20,000 was answered with $10,000.

A City spokesperson said the request was reviewed in accordance with the current economic parameters and the City’s funding contribution has fluctuated over the last decade.

“I understand why we couldn’t get our usual funding from the City, but it’s still disappointing,” said Mr Garwood.

“We’ve got a few more [grants] in the works for next year’s show but we won’t know the result for a while.”

Mr Garwood said this money funnels into the entertainment budget.

“If we do go ahead, we will have to slash our entertainment budget pretty hard,” he said.

“We won’t be able to afford any big stage entertainers and lots of the free activities for kids will have to be cut.

“It’s the nature of country shows to be very child-centric so loads of our exhibitions are stuff made by kids, they make up 45 per cent of our patrons.

Mr Garwood said the committee will fight to keep the show going but it’s up to the community to provide the manpower required.

Anyone interested in joining the committee can contact Wayne Garwood on 92933628.

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