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Nest ‘six’, which resembles a swallows nest. Photo: Nicole Airay.

Kalamunda ‘Trojan horse’ nests vanish

By Melissa Sheil

THE Kalamunda nests are leaving in much the same fashion they arrived in: silently, mysteriously and one by one.

Over the past weeks, nest’s six, eight and two have been taken down from their public display places, leaving only five of the sculptures remaining around the City and a pile of feathers where they once sat.

The anonymous artist had previously hinted that the series was non-permanent and would be removed eventually.

First discovered in early 2020, each nest sculpture had a plaque detailing its number in the series, a musical artist and related techno song.

Nest six, a swallow’s nest affixed to the wall of Coles underground carpark, was the first to go, its removal apparently triggered by real life events in the music industry.

Its designated ‘song’ was Instant Crush by popular techno duo Daft Punk, who broke up only days before its removal in February.

The artist has revealed to Echo News that the music was the real art on display.

“The nests themselves were not that important to me, it was the message they carried,” he said.

“They were nothing more than eight trojan horses I carefully planned out to be elaborate enough for people to accept.

“The nests carried the music, which is the purest artform on the planet, nothing comes close.

“When we learn to live for the moment through music, we really start to live.”

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