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The mostly cleared site of the fire in Seaton Park, Lesmurdie.

Kids start fire in a Lesmurdie park

By Melissa Sheil

ADDING to the recent string of deliberately set fires this summer is a near miss in Lesmurdie last week.

Lesmurdie resident Anita Geraedts woke in the middle of night January 24 to the alarming smell of smoke.

After waking her husband Paul to investigate, they discovered two young boys, about 15-years-old, lighting a fire on the rocks in the middle of the creek in Seaton Park.

“I sent Paul out to speak to them and they threw water on it when he asked them to but we still had to call 000,” she said.

“They weren’t rude but clearly had no idea what they were doing was wrong or dangerous.

“I can understand that during the summer holidays young kids are wandering around at night looking for something to do – we were all young once but I don’t remember anyone who deliberately left the house with matches or lighters for a fire.

“I’m asking parents to educate their children on the dangers of fire as this is just not on.”

Kalamunda Fire Brigade attended to make sure the area was safe.

The incident was also reported to police.

Earlier this month, Police sergeant Chris De Bruin said there had been 58 instances of deliberately set fires and 26 charges of arson since the start of the fire season.

“It can take only one spark to set off a whole bushfire,” he said.

“Several of the charges have been against children under the age of 18.”

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