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Landgate upgrade
Landgate customer relations manager Peter Murdoch, customer service officer Cheryl Burgmann and acting chief executive Bruce Roberts were all present during the opening of the new Landgate building in 1993.

Landgate prepares for major upgrade

By Claire Ottaviano

A TIME capsule buried under Landgate has been waiting almost 30 years for its first breath of fresh air.

The opening of the time capsule in a few months will coincide with the beginning of a major refurbishment which will see staff from the Departments of Communities and Child and Adolescent Health Service move into the Midland Square building.

Landgate customer relations manager Peter Murdoch said a lot had changed in the past 30 years, from fax machines and a lot of manual input to the growth of the internet and digitised records.

The capsule buried under Landgate, due to be opened in May.

“It was really the start of the digital age,” Mr Murdoch said.

“One of the biggest changes from that era is customers had to purchase tokens [from a machine] to use to pay for their title searches back then as we didn’t accept cash over the counter.

“There were no customer accounts or credit card payment – strictly cash only.”

The Landgate office, previously known as the Department of Land Administration, opened in Midland in 1993 bringing together staff from nine offices around the Perth metro.

The capsule is marked to be opened this year on May 6, the original date the ground lease was to expire.

Acting chief executive Bruce Roberts said Landgate was one of the oldest government agencies in the state.

“After 29 years, Midland is now very much a part of that history as we are a part of Midland’s,” he said.

“We are looking forward to the building redevelopment and welcoming the Department of Communities and Child and Adolescent Health Service.”

In December last year, the State Government announced it would receive $17.3 million from selling the building to Georgiou Capital, while also securing a leaseback agreement to accommodate public sector workers.

The new works include a co-working hub to provide more flexibility and mobility for public servants in the Midland area as well as space for the private sector.

The three-staged project is expected to be completed in 2024.

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