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Brad Downs and Melody Ducasse are old hands at lockdown after 112 days in Melbourne at Stage 4 restrictions.

Lessons from lockdown

By Sally McGlew

AFTER spending 112 days in lockdown in Melbourne and arriving in Perth for a two-week isolation at home, Melody Ducasse and Brad Downs were not expecting to be locked down in Perth for five more days.

“We had three days of freedom and then we were hit with lockdown again,” Mr Downs said.

“We can’t believe it.”

The couple finished isolation on Friday January 29, met with friends and relatives for lunches and dinner parties and are now in lockdown again.

But his partner said the pair are old hands at lockdown survival and have some tips for West Australians who are now experiencing the phenomenon.

“We have been wearing masks all year in Melbourne so we’re used to it,” Ms Ducasse said.

“My advice is wear your masks and wash your hands and there’s always enough toilet paper to go round so don’t panic buy, it doesn’t make sense.

“We set up a routine for lockdown which helps.

“We exercise every morning for one hour and only one person was allowed to shop under the stage four restrictions in Melbourne.”

But they had to shop and exercise within five kms of their home in Elsternwick.

“That was harder to manage because the South Melbourne Market was 7kms away and we always shop there for fruit and vegetables.

“When it fell back to Stage three restrictions life was much easier to negotiate everything.”

Ms Ducasse said having a pile of good books to read also helps.

The young couple also spent much of their leisure time watching The Sopranos.

“If we learned anything from that it’s that ‘just when we thought we were out, they pull us back in’,” she said.

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