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Several environmental groups are against the design of the Lloyd Street Bridge and its environmental impacts

Lloyd St Bridge objectors continue against all odds

By Claire Ottaviano

MORE than 200 people attended a rally last week to support a call to ditch the current design of the 2022-planned Lloyd Street Bridge.

A coalition of community and environmental groups under the Helena River Alliance want the bridge’s single span design abandoned in favour of a pier design.

The gathering came one week after a City of Swan councillor motion to ask Main Roads WA review the design lost 7/8.

Furthermore, as reported in GEH Bypass project surges ahead (Echo News, November 26), Planning and Transport Minister Rita Saffioti said the current design was created based off extensive consultation with traditional landowners and was preferred over the pier design.

“One of the clear things we had to secure for approval, in particular to Section 18 (Aboriginal heritage), was to remove the piers from the water because that’s a big issue for Aboriginal cultural reasons,” she told Echo News.

Ms Saffioti said the situation was “challenging” because traditional owners wanted a flatter abutment while the environmental groups favoured a steeper abutment.

On Tuesday night, five residents made deputations in support of another councillor led motion to “stop clearing and infill works” on the Lloyd Street Bridge.

Woodbridge Ratepayers Association president Lea Bawden urged other councillors to visit the site before they made a decision .

“It’s not until one visits the lower Helena catchment area, the site of the proposed bridge, that it can be fully understood the impact the batter bridge concept will have upon the site,” she said.

“The Lloyd Street Bridge impacts all the community into the future.

“Without visiting the site you’ll be making a decision as if blindfolded.”

Cr Jennifer Catalano’s motion will come before council on December 15.

Statement from Helena River Alliance after publication

The HRA is not opposed to a single span design or in favour of any specific style bridge, although when asked we suggested that a fully supported friction pillar bridge would be more appropriate for a wetland. What we oppose is a design that requires the vast majority of the floodplain to be infilled, like the current single span design. What we lobby for is a design where the vast majority or all of the floodplain can remain open to the flow of water, people and animals. This can be achieved in many ways including a pillar style design provided the number and shape of the pillars is negotiated with the traditional owners. – Lower Helena Association chair Marilena Stimpfl

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  1. Iva Hayward-Jackson

    Dear Echo

    The Section 18 approval for Lloyd Street Bridge has been given without full full or proper consultation with myself. I have never been contacted regarding this Bridge development. I Registered The Helena River as an Aboriginal Sacred place decades ago.

    Iva Hayward-Jackson

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