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Sport Feb 25
Kalamunda Districts Hockey Club is looking for new players this season.

Local sporting clubs call for new players

IF you’ve ever thought about giving a new sport a go, now is the time as clubs across the region are recruiting new members for the start of the winter season.

Whether it’s football, rugby, soccer, hockey or netball, there are huge benefits to joining a team from making friends to getting fitter and becoming part of a community.

For Dawn Thomas, joining Kalamunda Districts Hockey Club three years ago was as much about her kids as it was about herself.

“I was looking for a community where the kids and I would both be welcomed,” she said.

“The members of the club made it known immediately that I had a place with them and it was their encouragement that got me to sign up for the season.”

A former netballer with three children, Dawn had never played hockey in her life when she joined the club.

She says the best thing about being part of the team is the people.

“It’s the friendship, fitness and fun you get to have together as a community,” she said.

“I love how you have the kids on the field supporting their parents and vice versa.

“It  has a family vibe and families are welcome.”

Having no previous experience of the game did not put Dawn off having a go at hockey.

“Taking a netball player and asking her to use a stick to control the ball instead of her hand, is hard,” she said.

“However, the club always provided the support to grow and never made me feel bad for being slow to pick up the skills and rules.”

Now, she’s got friends for life and is entering her third season as a hockey player.

“We call our grass team, team awesome, because it is more a collection of individuals who want to have a good time, with some running around,” she said.

“It is a welcoming environment, and it does not matter if you have not played hockey before, or think you are unfit, it is a place to be able to start your journey with the club.

“If you feel you want a more challenging pace, there are different options available in the turf teams to progress towards.”

Kalamunda Districts Hockey Club is looking to recruit new players for the 2022 season, especially in the ladies grass team.

They train on a Thursday night from 6pm and welcome all new players, no matter their ability, experience, fitness or age.

By Rebecca Peppiatt

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