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Love is a noun

THEATRE lovers will enjoy a Black Yak production at the Garrick Theatres latest play Love is a Noun, which will run until Saturday May 4.
Black Yak formed to help new directors and writers get started in the early 1990s and the company has a strong history of outstanding theatre.
The bittersweet black comedy was written by award-winning director and playwright Daniel Jon Kershaw and the Garrick’s production is directed by Lorna Mackie.
Love is a Noun is a bittersweet elegy charting different perspectives of love.
Underneath the lives of the characters simmers a world completely dominated by expectations of love failed or otherwise.
Ms Mackie said the show basically explores different themes of love and relationships through following the storyline of the two main characters Alyce and Lachlan.
The young couple break up in the beginning and then the story moves around in time to different points of their relationships.
It explores their conscious and subconscious expectations about relationships and how it affects what is happening.
All of this is contrasted with the reminiscing of Alyce’s grandmother Mauve and her first relationship during WWII.
The story line is not linear and it really explores a lot of the preconceptions that people have about relationships.
The set is minimal to showcase a clever script and strong acting skills.
The Blak Yak production features some course language so parental guidance is advised.
Performance dates are 26, 27, 28 May and 2, 3 and 4 May.
All performances start at 8pm sharp, except April 28 at 2pm.
Tickets cost $18 for adults, concession $16 and children and members $14.
All tickets must be paid for 10 days prior to performance and for bookings Elaine Gilberthorpe 9388 6770 or bookings@garricktheatre.asn.au


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