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Business owner Kevin Bennett is looking forward to welcoming back happy couples.

Love returns to Rothwood

By Claire Ottaviano

LOVE is in the air again at Rothwood wedding venue in Wattle Grove as brides and grooms restart their wedding planning thanks to lifted COVID-19 restrictions.

Future husband and wife team Ana Cruz and Daniel Soulsby put their wedding plans on hold when COVID-19 cases started to appear around the nation but thanks to the State Government’s easing of social gathering restrictions those plans are back on schedule.

“With the changing conditions we thought now is a better time than any to think about getting married,” Mr Soulsby said.

“Now that they have lifted it to 20 people and 30 outdoors it’s perfect.”

Their plans are not only back on the table but have been fast-tracked to next month.

“It’s been difficult, I guess you could say not like a normal wedding would be planned around,” he said.

“We have to monitor restrictions and keep people under that limit, the celebrant, the photographer and videographer and catering all counts so there’s less flexibility for guests.”

Rothwood owner and operator Kevin Bennett said the restrictions had all but wiped out his bookings but incoming inquiries this week were a positive sign.

“All of our stuff is outdoors so I thought it would be okay because the restrictions only applied to indoors and I even had inquiries from cancellations of other venues,” he said.

“I thought this is going to be great.

“Of course, the even heavier restrictions just wiped everything out.”

Mr Bennett has put his heart and soul into turning his propertyminto a unique wedding venue after he and his wife held their own wedding and the weddings of several family members there.

The increase of guests allowed at weddings is part of phase two of the State Government’s ‘roadmap’ to ease COVID-19 restrictions which starts on May 18.

Further easing of restrictions are expected during phase three, but according to Mr Bennett it will take the wedding industry a few more months or years to recover.

“We’ve started to get inquires again, I guess even that is a good sign.

“My hope is to get things back on track for spring.”

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