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The memorial swing was placed off side of the Zig Zag walking track.

Memorial removed

THE mystery of a bench-swing that went missing from the Zig Zag was easily solved this week after the City of Kalamunda confirmed the bench had been removed for safety reasons.

Inquiries to the City in search of the item by the bench’s creator Maddison Davidson originally turned up empty, leading to a metaphorical man-hunt for a previously alleged thief.

The hand painted and handmade bench, placed on a walking track off to the side of the Zig Zag, was inscribed with the words “life is not about the amount of breaths you take, it is about the moments that take your breath away”.

“I made this swing as a very sentimental and special memorial place for me to go when I needed time out,” she said.

“It was like an outlet, when I feel sad I tend to draw or paint and that’s where the idea for the swing came from.

“I could use my creative side to make something and have it also be something nice for others to enjoy who had been through the same thing.”

Further inquiries by Echo News discovered it had been removed by the City on August 20.

A spokesperson said the installer did not have authority to place the swing and it posed a safety issue.

Ms Davidson has since picked up the swing.

“They’re reasoning behind removing it was fair enough,” she said.

“They told me I needed to have a permit as it was a private area and that it could be dangerous to cars driving past.

“I think it might be best to move it somewhere else, but that would defeat the whole purpose of it being there for others to enjoy.”

In the nine days the bench was installed, it was discovered by at least two people who shared pictures of the swing on social media using the hashtag painted on it #secretsunsetswing.

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