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Landgate capsule
Landgate registration services general manager Bruce Roberts and Midland MLA Michelle Roberts (left) and pages from the Echo News archives (above).

Midland milestone

A MOMENT in time was recovered when Landgate staff retrieved a time capsule buried in Midland nearly 30 years ago.

Photographs, satellite imagery and a staff profile were among a variety of treasures uncovered from the time capsule marked to be opened on May 6, 2022 – the date the original building lease ended.

The capsule was buried when Landgate, previously known as the Department of Land Administration (DOLA), moved into the Midland Square building on October 22, 1993.

Landgate customer systems and operations manager Peter Murdoch, who has worked with the agency since 1979, said it was great to see the contents of the time capsule, particularly the photos.

“It was a completely different era, and we were just starting to enter the digital age but still had a lot of manual processes,” he said.

“It’s been non-stop change since then.

“Interestingly, although Landgate is about today and the future – a lot of what we do in customer service especially is about providing access to the history of land ownership – so a lot of what was in the capsule we still see and occasionally use today.”

In December 2021, the state government announced it would receive $17.3 million from selling the building to Georgiou Capital, while also securing a leaseback agreement to accommodate public sector workers.

The opening of the time capsule coincides with the beginning of a major refurbishment which will see staff from the Departments of Communities and Child and Adolescent Health Service move into the building.

On completion the redevelopment will offer an accessible co-working hub for about 850 public servants.

Landgate chief executive Graeme Gammie was joined by Midland MLA Michelle Roberts, board chair Robert Cole, Georgiou developments executive director Jon Smeulders, representing the new building owners, registration services general manager Bruce Roberts, senior executives and staff to mark the milestone occasion.

Mrs Roberts said the event took everyone’s minds back to 1993.

“It was really the first major state government agency to be relocated to Midland and so there was a lot of expectation around and Landgate certainly became a major institution in Midland over a period of decades,” she said.

“Landgate’s been really good for the Midland region and today it’s been fantastic to see that there’s quite a few people present that were here when the original capsule was put in place.”

The three-staged redevelopment project is expected to be completed in 2024.

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