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Bikes for humanity
Jamie Brindle and David Tucker are passionate about donating to those less fortunate.

Midvale charity changing the lives of people in Africa

TUCKED away in a quiet Midvale industrial estate is a shed full of bikes that are being given a new lease of life for a very special cause.

Bikes for Humanity is the Perth branch of an international organisation set up to repurpose unwanted bikes for people all over the world that have no other means of transportation.

“For them, bikes are a life changer,” one of the directors, David Tucker, said.

This week the charity is celebrating its 11th birthday and reflecting on having sent 7500 bikes to people in Africa, as well as around 1500 to remote communities in WA.

“Most people in rural Africa can’t afford cars, the roads aren’t great and their only alternative is to walk,” said Mr Tucker.

“For them, a bike will take them twice as far, twice as fast and carry four times the load.

“They might be taking their produce to the market, they might be carting water back to the house.”

Mr Tucker came into the Perth ‘chapter’ of Bikes for Humanity after it was founded by Jamie Brindle and Matt Callahan.

It is one of around 15 branches modelled on the original charity developed in Canada, with others based in the US and Europe, as well as one in Melbourne.

The idea is that bikes are donated or collected from local tips, repaired and revamped and then shipped to small villages or towns where they are sold by locals through NGOs, where the profits are then pumped back into those local communities.

The Perth branch sends bikes to Namibia, South Africa, Uganda, Zambia and Kenya and the demand is high but after COVID and the international shipping crisis, a container load of bikes has now sky-rocketed from $10,000 to $20,000.

“There are three things to making this whole thing work; we need donated bikes, we need volunteers to work on the bikes and do admin stuff and cash donations,” said Mr Tucker.

Shire of Mundaring recently agreed to a rates reduction for the building the charity operates out of and the volunteers are planning to hold events to raise funds and their profile.

Any donations and support can be sent by contacting the team at www.b4hwa.com

By Rebecca Peppiatt 

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