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Hasluck MHR Ken Wyatt says emergency relief helps reduce the unexpected stress of trying to make ends meet.

More money for people doing it tough

COMMUNITY organisation Indigo Junction, which supports residents doing it tough financially in Midland will receive extra funding from the Morrison Government. 

Families and Social Services Minister Paul Fletcher announced the funding during a visit to Midland on Thursday, November 8 with Hasluck MHR Ken Wyatt.

“The Federal Liberal National Government’s investment in these essential services for the next four and a half years improves outcomes for vulnerable families and children in Midland and helps to build a strong and resilient community,” he said.

“We’re conscious that Christmas is looming which is a time that can put families under additional financial stress.’’

The federal government has said it will provide $472,500 over the next four and a half years.

Mr Wyatt who is the Senior Australians, Aged Care and Indigenous Health Minister said Indigo Junction had been helping people in north-eastern Perth since 1980, with more than 400 people receiving emergency relief assistance last year.  

“For vulnerable people and families in Hasluck and Cowan, emergency relief helps reduce the unexpected stress of trying to make ends meet,” he said.  

“This assistance can be in the form of food parcels, clothes, bedding, household items and vouchers for utilities and supermarkets.

“Indigo Junction has a long history of helping the wider Midland community and, with this funding announced today, they can continue to help people who need a hand up, not hand out,” said Mr Wyatt. 

Meanwhile, the Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA) has released regional personal insolvency statistics for the September quarter.

The statistics showed the greater Perth regions with the highest numbers of debtors entering personal insolvency were Wanneroo (106), Swan (85) and Rockingham (70). 

The Australian Financial Security Authority said the regional statistics are published by Statistical Area Level 3 (under the Australian Statistical Geographic Standard developed by the Australian Bureau of Statistics). 

SA3s are roughly collections of two to five suburbs in the metropolitan areas and they get a fair bit bigger than that in regional and remote areas. 

At times (perhaps in Swan and Wanneroo) an SA3 very closely resembles a local government area (LGA) but this is by no means a rule.

SA3s generally have populations between 30,000 and 130,000 persons. 

They are often the functional areas of regional towns and cities with a population in excess of 20,000 or clusters of related suburbs around urban commercial and transport hubs within the major urban areas. 

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