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Artist Helen Lock pictured with one of her favourite pieces, an emulation of Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss with flowers replacing the lovers.

Never too late to start afresh

By Melissa Sheil

MT HELENA artist Helen Lock is proving to the world it’s never too late to get started on your dreams.

At 70-years-old, Ms Lock will be opening her first exhibition at the Zig Zag Gallery comprising of 27 acrylic paintings.

Named Stealing like an Artist, the exhibition pays homage to the old masters, with Ms Lock painting wildflowers in the style of famous European artists and their opus pieces – Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss has been morphed into two blue wilting flowers, Edvard Munch’s screaming face has changed into a shocked looking bloom and coloured petals have replaced Marilyn Monroe’s face in an Andy Warhol pop art piece.

“I was struck by Picasso’s quote, “good artists copy, great artists steal”, and I wanted to add something of myself into my emulation of the paintings,” Ms Lock said.

“I was inspired by the wildflowers that grew in my bush garden and chose three of them to incorporate into each piece.

“Each flower inspired nine pieces and the self-imposed constraints helped aid my creativity.”

Ms Lock worked for more than 30 years in information technology and before that was a high school teacher but had wanted to be an artist since she was a child.

“I wanted to study art in the last two years of high school so that I could go to Art College, but my parents would not allow me to,” she said.

“They wanted me to go to university and become a teacher – which I did.

“I became busy with my career, marriage and children but promised myself I would get back into art when I retired.

“When I was 56 the retirement age for women was increased from 60 to 63 and I thought I’d better get started now as the retirement age would probably be increased again before I reached 63 – and it did.

“My philosophy is that it’s never too late until you’re dead – go be who you might have been and follow your dreams.”

Stealing Like an Artist will be displayed in the Zig Zag Gallery at Perth Hills Cultural Centre from May 1 to 30.

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