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Gill Street crash in Parkerville.
The 21-year-old driver remains in a stable condition in the trauma unit.

Parkerville crash sparks speed concerns

By Rebecca Peppiatt

A HORRIFIC car accident in Parkerville last weekend has left nearby residents calling for a reduction in the speed limit and safety measures to be implemented.

On December 18 a 21-year-old male driver was air lifted to Royal Perth Hospital with serious injuries after his car hit the curb and flipped on Gill Street.

Local volunteer firefighters, career fire fighters and St John’s ambulance crews worked on the man for over an hour before cutting through the rear door of the vehicle to free him.

Currently in a stable condition in the State Trauma Unit, onlookers said the accident was “waiting to happen”.

“We’ve been waiting for something like that to happen here,” Gill Street resident Chris McDonald said.

“The cars fly down here and there have been so many near misses.”

A Main Roads spokesperson said the speed limit was 50km/hr which resident Julia Thom said is never enforced by those who do not live in the area.

“There are no speed signs at all,” the Gill Street resident said.

“It’s terrible, I walk every morning early and quite a lot of mornings I’m frightened for my life because they drive so fast.

“You take your life into your hands just coming out of your driveway because it’s a blind corner and no one can see you.”

Residents are considering a petition to get the speed limit enforced and speed hazards installed.

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