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Dino the bear coat Shar-Pei is recovering after being bitten by a snake in Stoneville.

Pet owners warned this snake season

By Melissa Sheil

A STONEVILLE pet owner is warning Hills residents to be on the lookout after her dog was bitten by a snake.

Fleur Adams said she was terrified to find her beloved bear coat Shar-Pei Dino wrestling with a one-and-a-half metre long tiger snake outside her home earlier this month.

“I heard a funny bark and went down to the backyard to see Dino with the head of the snake in his mouth – he and our puppy were doing a sort of tug of war with it,” she said.

“My partner was standing next to him but didn’t notice because he’d been whipper-snippering but he turned, sorted the snake out and we took the dogs inside immediately.

“We didn’t think he’d been bit at first but after a few minutes started having a fit, going into seizures.”

Dino was rushed to an emergency vet where antivenom was given and a bite discovered in his mouth.

Though 10-year-old Dino pulled through, Ms Adams said it was a close call.

“It’s very important to have a plan, know where the closest vets are and which ones have antivenom,” she said.

Perth Hills Reptile Removal operator Adam Firsternberg said residents should know what to do if they see a snake.

“If you see any snake, the main thing is to stand dead still as they have poor eyesight but can hear you well,” he said.

“Take a moment to keep yourself calm, watch where it is and where it goes and ring an experienced snake handler in the area.

“If you think your pet has been bitten, even if you aren’t sure, go immediately to the vet as they can turn downhill really quickly.”

Snake season runs September to April.

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