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Westpork's application for an artificial insemination centre in Bullsbrook was refused.

Piggery challenges decision in Tribunal

By Sally McGlew

WESTPORK Piggery have taken their application for an artificial insemination centre on Gaston Road Bullsbrook to the State Administrative Tribunal.

In December 2020, Council rejected the development application from the company who were seeking approval to house 188 boars on the location and collect their semen for its other properties across WA.

Westpork supplies the state with 50 per cent of its edible pork.

Objections to the development application were raised on a number of levels.

Those against the piggery said it was too close to town, would smell, there would be noise, pollution and decrease land values.

The land around the 60ha Lot 1780 at 46 Gaston Road area is zoned rural.

The owners planned a 2000sqm facility to be built with a stud shed and a laboratory for quality control.

They planned to provide Westpork’s future breeding centre with the piggery in Pinjarra and a further eight other farms in WA.

The original DA stated operating hours would be Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays from 4am-8am.

The previous application was referred to the Department of Primary Industries Regional Development and the Department of  Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions who had all approved the DA.

The matter was first discussed in October.

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