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plan to plant 1200 new trees
Swan plans to increase trees planted in the City incrementally.

Plan to improve tree canopy

SWAN council has adopted a plan to plant 1200 new trees in the City per year despite some members of the public pushing for a higher target.

Twenty-five responses were received during the draft Urban Forest Plan’s 60-day public consultation period with the majority of responses in support.

However, those not in support, as well as some in support, commented that more trees needed to be planted across the City.

Bellevue Residents and Ratepayers Association secretary Dianne Arvino stressed more needed to be done to outline developer planting expectations and to further define budget requirements.

“If the council is serious about increasing canopy of reaping all the climate and social, and economic benefits of planting trees then some details in this plan need to be clarified,” she said in a deputation to council last month.

Ms Arvino also presented council with a survey comparing the number of trees planted in other Perth metro local governments.

Her self-researched survey showed that by comparison, the City of Wanneroo, while smaller in area but larger in population, had an annual planting target of 3500 trees.

Cr Jennifer Catalano moved a motion for a report on how the City could reach a target of 18 per cent tree canopy coverage and increase planting targets to 5000 trees per year .

“This local government authority has been absolutely and utterly denuded of vegetation in the past 30 years and what is left is under constant threat,” she said.

“What I am asking for is so pathetic to what other council’s are asking for.”

The motion lost 6/7.

According to the draft urban canopy plan,  suburbs with smaller block sizes such as Aveley had less than five per cent tree canopy coverage whereas established areas with larger blocks, bigger setbacks and smaller buildings, such as Guildford, had more than 20 per cent tree canopy coverage.

By Claire Ottaviano

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