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The silver bullet pendant containing Ms Boe’s sons ashes was inside a bag stolen from Hartfield Park last Friday. Photo: Facebook

Plea for stolen ashes to be returned

By Melissa Sheil

HARTFIELD Park in Forrestfield was the scene of a heart-wrenching crime last week, when a woman’s bag containing her son’s ashes was stolen.

Seville Grove woman Nina Boe had stopped at Hartfield Park on Friday, August 27 to walk her dog, when she returned to her car at 5pm to find someone had smashed the passenger window and stolen her handbag and laptop from the boot.

“I stop there every day after work to walk the dog and normally have nothing in the car,” she said.

“However as it was Friday, I had the laptop and backup with me for the weekend.

“After only about 15 minutes I decided it was too cold so went back to the car to retrieve a jacket and discovered the window smashed and my things gone.

“I reported it to the police straight away and cancelled my cards but they were quick and got $800 from three locations – Wattle Grove shops, BP Kenwick and Belmont shops, all done within an hour.”

Inside her bags was a file of medical forms for an upcoming procedure, $300 in cash, a purse containing gift cards, credit cards and ID, a laptop, two external hard drives and in a side pocket, a bullet shaped engraved urn pendant containing the ashes of her son Steven who died in 2018.

“My laptop is not worth much to anyone else,” she said.

“It is locked but it has all my work as well as precious memories,” Ms Boe said.

“It had all the photos of my son, videos of his funeral and voice files from his phone so I could still hear him.

“My son’s ashes and these memories cannot be replaced.

“To the person who stole them, you have scored with cash and the money from my accounts, please just return Steven’s ashes and my computer, no questions asked.

“They have no value to you but mean everything to me.”

The pendant is silver, about 6cm in length, and has Ms Boe’s son’s date of birth and death and a picture of his face engraved on the side.

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