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Plot thickens in search for mystery nest artist

By Melissa Sheil

KALAMUNDA’S local Banksy has struck again with a large  nest sculpture appearing in the middle of the lake at Stirk Park a few weeks ago.

This is the seventh installation in the series of varying bird nests that have popped up across the city in recent months.

The mystery of the artist’s identity is further thickened with the cryptic plaques that the pieces hold.

Each states the title as #Nest with the respective number, the artist as ‘unknown’, music as ‘techno’ and the track indicates a song title and artist.

Nest number seven identifies the track The Fold by Inigo Kennedy.

Though the previous nests caused quite the hype throughout the city, it seems nest number seven trumps them all, with many marvelling over how the sculpture was situated in the middle of a public lake without anyone noticing.

Mayor Margaret Thomas had received several excited notifications from locals that a new piece appeared but until she visited Stirk Park herself, she had not realised how impressive the feat was.

“I got a few calls asking me if I had seen it and when I went down there I thought how on earth have they managed that?” she said of the precariously perched piece.

“The element of surprise is wonderful, and this is such a great thing for the City, especially during the time of COVID-19 when everything seemed a bit bleak.

“I’ve not a clue who it is but that’s part of the loveliness – they’re not doing it for credit or praise, just to brighten up our little part of the world.”

Local artist Stephen Castledine said he regrets not thinking of the idea himself.

“As an artist it seems enormously generous to gift these to the community and I just love the guerrilla style where someone would have come down to Stirk at night with torches and a bunch of friends to splash around in the puddle,” he said.

“They’ve charmed even the regulators – no one’s talking about permits and they’ve broken the rule about everything having to be approved.

“There’s something about capturing a sense of potential with a nest – its either a place of protection or shelter but the whole piece is so open-ended that it’s up to the viewer.”

Some residents have engaged in a sculpture scavenger hunt, attempting to locate the nests scattered across the city.

Local woman Caroline says her three-year-old grandson has taken it upon himself to find them all.

“He absolutely loves the nests and always wants to be picked up to see what’s inside,” she said.

“He’s very inquisitive and loves birds so it’s his favourite sort of hunt.”

Though a few of the sculptures like nests two and three are located quite centrally, some others are a bit harder to locate like nest five, situated slightly off the track at Mundy Regional Park.

It seems that no one has found the elusive nest one yet.

“If anyone finds nest number one call me,” said Mayor Thomas.

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