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Police have warned against provoking colourful Midland identity Mad Dog,

Police warn against provoking Midland’s ‘Mad Dog’

A MIDLAND icon has been forced to seek police help, with a popular Facebook page leading to him being harassed on a daily basis.

Adrian, known to most people as Mad Dog, has been a fixture on roads throughout Perth for decades, riding his bike at a furious pace, always in bare feet.

Even people who have never met the man know who Mad Dog is, however several Facebook pages have seen his notoriety take on a life of its own.

Facebook page themaddogofficial has become a hub for people to share videos of Mad Dog, and is even selling t-shirts, singlets and stickers bearing a likeness of his image.

Suffice to say, Mad Dog is not affiliated with the website and receives no money from the site, despite t-shirts selling for $39.95.

His online notoriety has forced him to go to Midland Police, with OIC Senior Sergeant Jason Longhorn saying the harassment Mad Dog is being subjected to borders on stalking.

“There is a non-approved, non-authorised Facebook page which someone has created about Mad Dog himself, and he’s an icon,” he said.

“He’s also a lovely guy if you actually take the time to speak to him, but because of the notoriety and that Facebook page, it’s escalated to the point where people are targeting him, harassing him and intimidating him to try and get a reaction to share on social media.

“It’s disturbing, because he just wants to go on with his business but he’s come to us because it’s reached the point where people are showing up at his house, and that’s trespassing.

“We’ve also obtained footage of an incident where he had to hide in a truck bay because a car was circling him and trying to get a rise out of him.

“He came to us quite distressed, because if people continue to try and get a reaction out of him they will, everyone has a breaking point, and he’s very aware that he’ll be the one that likely gets in trouble if he does react.”

Snr Sgt Longhorn said Midland Police would press charges against anyone harassing Mad Dog, and had gone to an extra length to help out the iconic Midland resident.

“He’s actually got a motorbike that doesn’t run, it needed parts, but he feels safer on that because he’s far less recognisable.

“We actually drove him to Cannington to get the parts because with the attention he’s been receiving lately, he was genuinely concerned about what would happen if he rode down there.

“There’s a risk in terms of his safety if he’s being harassed, and there’s also the risk that if you provoke him…if you poke someone long enough, in the right area, you’ll get a reaction.

“He’s a big unit, a gentle giant, but I don’t want someone coming in here crying because they’ve poked the bear and come off second best.

“I’d have to take action against Mad Dog in that scenario, but I wouldn’t be happy about it.”

Themaddogofficial have not replied to a request for comment from Echo News.

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  1. In response to last weeks article regarding “local icon mad dog”I wonder if he remembers back to when he was known as the Vic Park screamer and would ride up behind people,usually elderly folk and scream at them,scaring the bejesus out of them.thats not a gentle giant and sounds like karma has come to visit

    • Never head of any one going by that name! Mad Dog has always been in Midland for the last 45 years!

      • Mad dag would ride through the Hay Street Mall in Perth during the 1980’s and bark at us Punks and Skins. Never caused any problems and we all knew he was an icon. We’d bark back. lol

    • I’ve only known him as mad dog for the last 25-30 years. Musta been a long time ago… If it’s the same person even. Plus it’s just what you say… doesn’t mean it happened when you hear it from other people.

    • I remember the same situations as Bill recalls from vic park and Cannington where Adrian (mad dog ) used to live , friends of mine knew him quite well and he was quite wild back then but also good to people who accepted him for who he was . If I remember correctly he was university educated but I think had stress related situation that caused him to drop out before graduating . People just need to back off and leave him alone and let him deal with his own issues in peace . Glad he went to the police instead of losing it because someone would suffer the consequences as the police know only too well from his younger days .

    • I remember him as the “Vic Park Screamer” too and can say that I have seen him in action, doing the same….mind you that was 20 odd years ago.

      All in all, he Probably is VERY Likable Bloke if you actually had the chance to sit and talk to him….a friend of mine has.

      I recommend just leaving the Guy alone, unless you want to Invite yourself into a Unnecessarily bad situation by getting on the Wrong side of him.

    • I remember him sticking his head in the window of my car parked in Vic Park and screamed, it terrified me.

    • Omg i actually renember this.
      I went to high school in Vic Park and was only 15 at the time, im now 47.
      Id forgotten all about him
      To be honest, im surprised he’s still alive.
      Hes got to be about 65 mow?

  2. You call it karma, I say two wrongs don’t make a right. Leave the guy alone

  3. Known Adrian for many long years – leave him alone as if I see anyone hassling him watch out

  4. I love the man, I think he is an Aussie legend and everyone should back off. I have had conversations with him before and he is a great guy. if you have any issues with him please let me know i would love to discuss it.

  5. Disgusting how people have profited off him and he got nothing, worse that literally thousands of people now harass him like it’s a fun sport.
    he is a person.


  6. when i used to sit out at night ,being in the towing game then. I had the privilege to talk to Adrian (mad dog) and i can tell you he is a real character and top bloke . He surprised me as I only knew him by seeing him on his bike along with his antics, But as I said he surprised me as he was totally different to what I had seen of him over the years. It turns out that he is a great bloke. So you people out there that get their kicks out of poking the bear,you may poke a little to much . I would say that this is bullying and some people can take only so much, if something happened you really could only blame Yourselves NOT Adrian.

  7. Just imagine how you would feel if you were treated the same way. Leave the guy alone.

  8. Mad dog is a kind man when i have seen him around belmont when i was a teenager he was nothing but a gentleman towards myself and any other female or anyone with a child and as i now have children and have seen him this is still the way of mad dog. He should be left alone to do his own thing and the people making money off his image should pay up to mad dog.


  9. I saw Adrian for the first time in the late 70s Albany highway Vic Park out the front of naughty Don Rogers Toyota holding up traffic each way on his pushbike going around and around in circles trying to kick a MTT bus full of passengers very very humorous site indeed shouting and screaming some people get intimidated some don’t we used to call him the Vic Park Looney we are all different that’s what makes life so interesting leave the guy alone he’s harmless i’ve met him plenty of times over the decades leave the guy alone

  10. I live in Melbourne now, but remember him well. As a kid I use to see him in Vic park on my way to rossmoyne when mum would take me to my cousins sometimes twice a week. I also remember him around the CBD when I was a teenager. Can’t believe he’s still around.. He use to have real scruffy hair. Is his hair still the same?! He’d ride his bike like crazy as and go up behind people and scare the hell out of them.. He was one crazy funny dude.. Us he still like this???
    Hope no one hurts him though cause I reckon his Bite might just hurt more. Enjoy ur days sandgropers. xx

  11. I remember him from the 80’s around Carlisle and Vic Park. He was a bloody menace then and it seems nothing has changed
    Riding around without a helmet yelling and screaming at people does not a legend make.
    The man is bloody dangerous and needs to be locked away for his own safety.
    In a more caring nurturing society he would be looked after but in today’s world, he is left to roam around and do as he pleases. He will inevitably come to grief and some innocent person’s life will be left in tatters.

    • I disagree with you there. years ago, my cousin and I were 14 and sitting in midland gate when he came in (on his bike) and stopped to talk to us. He was so nice and reasonably polite and he made sure not to get in anyones way or to agrivate anyone. Could you at least describe why you think he should be locked away, maybe a theoretical situation or even why youthink he is dangerous.

  12. I work in midland. He regularly comes in for a shop. He is an intelligent human being. He causes no -one any harm. Keeps to himself. Yes he is an icon. Leave him alone and let him ride his bike in peace.

    • I completely agree. he is a great bloke and deserves the respect of anyone else. Those who do not think of him in this way should keep it to themselves and just leave him alone.
      we love yah Mad Dog you Aussie Legend!!

  13. Sonia.Schaarschmidt

    I am 52 + I remember Adrian from when I was a kid – always wearing Tshirt,shorts+thongs+on his old bike.
    I looked at him+he looked at me+went Baaahhhh!!! He scared me but my friend laughed her head off! I think it was in Hay St Mall in Perth.
    It’s great to see that one of Perth’s characters is still around + hopefully still riding his pushie!
    The peple making money of his image should stop+donate all funs made to Adrian.

  14. Adrian ( mad dog)/is one of if not the most placid people you could ever meet.. The first few times I was a passenger in a car n he did the same…. Leaned in the window n give you a fright.. This bloke is actually a decent bloke .. Had many of conversation with him whilst washing car windows at lights of tokin hwy n great eastern hwy…. After his car accident many years ago he got fucked up… But hey mad dog if your reading gd to c your still going strong… Tell them all to get f’d n let u b…. Its their own problem if you go bonkas after they provoke u… Its called karma.. It with bite you cunts in ass if u set him off., go hard bro ignore them but I’d go to courts and reclaim the $$$’s they make of you even though u have more than they could ever dream of …

  15. I remember him from the late ’70s ; early ’80s… Green Bonds T shirt, black Stubbies shorts, hair ‘done up’ like he’d just removed his fingers from a 440v socket, perpetually screaming and waving his arms about as though he were being chased by a swarm of hornets…

    He was very much a polarising character, frequenting Albany Hwy in Vic Park and Archer Street in Carlisle. He lived with his mother on Wright Street in Kewdale at the time, not far from the Orrong Road end.

    Good to know he’s still about…

  16. I have known and Dog for over 40 years hes more funny than any danger if he was left in peace you would find him to be a nice man if you decide to talk to him in a normal manner don’t start by calling him mad Dog his name is Adrian

  17. I used to talk to him alot around Belmont.The reason why he is like it is because he chose to give up on life.He told me and so did someone who married his cousin.All the rumours he cracked under pressure at university,got hit by a bus,motorbike accident,making the first batch of acid and trying it and been fucked from it,his mother died he went like it and even his dad died he went like it and earlier someone mentioning a car crash he was in.All bullshit.If Adrian hands it out he can cop it back.He brings it on himself.If people want to print things of him well go for it.Makes him more famous.They used to call him animal as well.
    If he taunts the wrong person well really its his problem not ours.Still like though Adrian.

  18. i have anxiety issues myself and and all his yelling at people and carrying on at times makes me steer clear of him. i don’t like that about him at all.

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