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Kalamunda’s mystery artist teases their identity on Instagram.

Quest for nest artist moves online

By Melissa Sheil

IT seems as though our mysterious nest artist has a social media presence.

An Instagram account under the handle @kalamundanests has been unearthed with teasing videos of the artists shadowy silhouette and snaps of feet standing near the sculptures around the City under the catalogued stories ‘FromwhereIstand’.

Though the owner of the account refused to offer any clue of their identity, they did provide some interesting information.

“Techno is everything you haven’t imagined yet,” they said.

This references the vague plaques attached to each nest found, listing a nest number title, an unknown artist, the genre techno and a song track and artist of said genre.

The artist also hinted that nest eight is coming soon.

Of the seven listed nests, only six have yet been discovered with nest number one remaining unlocated.

However, a similar Instagram account under the name @where_is_nest_1 has been linked to the original account with only a single picture posted on August 30 – nest one’s plaque held aloft by seemingly masculine hands.

The plaque is similar to the others but points to the track MX-04.11 by Ken Karter.

Although the biography for the second account boasts the artists body of work as ‘#nest – #nest8’, the first accounts description has only a link to a 2016 YouTube video named K Foundation – Burn a Million Quid.

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