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The controversial basketball hoop in Noonan Park, Caversham.

Request denied to remove noisy backboard

By Sally McGlew

A REQUEST to remove a basketball hoop in Noonan Park, Caversham has been denied after Council heard some impassioned speeches for its retention at the Ordinary Council Meeting on January 20.

Cr David Lucas proposed the basketball hard stand remain and not be removed but installed at the opposite end of the court thereby making it further away from effected residents who have complained about noise.

Cr Lucas said there were more residents in the area in favour of keeping the basketball court than there were advocating for its removal.

He said it was important that council officers notify the submitters about the new motion.

Cr Lucas also said he attended the site 17 times since the issue came before Council and during different times.

“Mostly there was no one there except for some teenagers skating and on bikes but no one was playing basketball when I went there,” he said.

The City of Swan received complaints from residents surrounding Noonan Park, Caversham requesting the removal of the basketball ring due to noise complaints and antisocial behaviour.

The basketball court at Noonan Park was constructed by developer, Western Corporate in January 2015 and handed over to the City of Swan in December that year.

Western Corporate said plans showed residents were notified their properties would be directly adjacent to public open space.

In November 2020, City of Swan staff circulated letters to residents about the noise and a sign was placed next to the basketball ring for users of the court to have their say.

City officers received 17 submissions in response: eight in support of the removal and nine objecting to it.

Comments in response to the court removal cited noise, antisocial behaviour, rubbish, high usage and the installation of signage.

Residents objecting to the removal stated that the noise generated in the park was within acceptable limits thresholds in line with recreational enjoyment of the facilities.

Staff reported that the bouncing of basketballs is a well-documented source of noise in residential settings even where there are time limits imposed to control the frequency, duration and time of use.

Cr Lucas said people still congregated at the site at night although there was no lighting.

Three submissions objecting to the removal suggested installing signage to reduce usage of the court at inappropriate times.

A petition with 64 signatures was tabled on January 20, in favour of the court being retained.

The motion to support the court being retained was supported by a majority vote from Crs Kevin Bailey, Mel Congerton, Rod Henderson, Patty Jones, David Lucas, Cate McCullough, John McNamara, Bryce Parry, Rashelle Predovnik and Charlie Zannino.

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  1. Yay put signs up, that should work. Everyone takes notice of signs.

    I feel for the people having to listen to this, I have a neighbor who has one of these things and the noise of the ball every morning and afternoon almost drives me insane.

    So Lucas visited the site 17 times and didn’t see or hear a problem so that must mean there is no problem.

    I notice the usual 9 bloc plus a ring in voted together. Some things will never change.

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