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Bellevue Residents and Ratepayers Association president Mark Richards, Midland MLA Michelle Roberts and Scene Signs business owners Steve and Debbie Lowe. Picture: Claire Ottaviano

Roberts against Robinson Rd closure

By Claire Ottaviano

MIDLAND MLA Michelle Roberts has come out in support of Bellevue residents and businesses fighting against METRONET’S proposed closure of Robinson Road.

In Bellevue robbed of Robinson Road (Echo News, August 28), Echo News confirmed METRONET was planning to submit a proposal to close the connector road to make way for Bellevue railcar facility infrastructure.

But Ms Roberts told Echo News on Tuesday the State needed to consider other options.

“Alternatives need to be looked at,” she said.

“The alternatives have to include how they can reconfigure some of the requirements of METRONET or whether there’s other possibilities for other railway crossing points.

“We need to look at those alternatives before it’s too late.”

She agrees with the concerns of businesses and residents who say current road infrastructure is not coping.

“Midland is very much a town divided by the railway,” she said.

“As the old Midland Railway Workshops side has been developed there’s been a whole lot more traffic movements and now with [the new] Bunnings and other big stores [on Clayton Street] my view is the railway crossing points are going to be under even more pressure.

“If you don’t cross at Lloyd Street you’re looking at going up to Scott Street and Scott Street is already an intersection that Main Roads knows is under pressure.

“Like-wise, the intersection of Lloyd Street and Great Eastern Highway must already be close to its maximum capacity.”

She said she has communicated her concerns to her party and expressed disappointment at the circumstances leading to the proposed closure.

“I am disappointed that when the [the Bellevue railcar facility] was announced there was no mention at the need to close Robinson Road and I suspected some people thought it was a minor road used by very few people but it is a major transit route through our area for both commercial and residential.

“I have raised [my concerns] with [Transport Minister] Rita [Saffioti].

“She knows I don’t want to see Robinson Road closed.”

The City of Swan has asked Main Roads WA to conduct traffic assessments of Robinson Road and surrounding thoroughfares before it will consider an application for its closure.

“I’d be really keen for Main Roads as part of the modelling to also look at two major roads in Midland that are already under considerable pressure, one is Clayton Street and the other is Great Eastern Highway,” Ms Roberts said.

The City expects to receive the traffic modelling by early January but it is not yet known when the item will go out for public comment.

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  1. Too little too late.

    A combination of poor ideas and poor planning is fast ruining a historic locality.

    Shame on all have had a hand in this.

  2. “The City expects to receive the traffic modelling by early January but it is not yet known when the item will go out for public comment.”

    That pretty much sums up how things happen around here, cart before the horse.

    And what’s that other cliché, something about “the horse has already bolted…..”.

  3. The transport network has been a growing problem in the wider Midland area for years and now fast approaching crisis point. The majority of the residents in the wider Midland area reside east of Roe Highway and in the twenty years I have lived in Swan View, there has been no attempts to improve the infrastructure by Members of Parliament, City of Swan or Shire of Mundaring to better connect Stratton/Swan View/Greenmount/Bellevue to both Midland and Perth.

    Morrison Road between Roe Highway and Myles Road – Reduces to one lane, then very busy freight railway crossing, then single lane to Myles Road with bus stops at the worst possible places halting traffic and informal slip lanes. Can’t count the amount of near misses I’ve had over the years. Few weeks ago one very long freight train came through and traffic was banked back past Myles Road lights!

    No worries, I now take back streets to Midland via Bellevue on Clayton Street but seems everyone else has the same idea to avoid Morrison Road. Yesterday went through Clayton Street near the new Bunnings in the early afternoon and with everyone trying to get to the new Bunnings complex, took almost ten minutes to get through. The volume of traffic now trying to navigate the single lane stretch from Lloyd Street to Military Road is beyond the capacity it can handle. Traffic trying to turn in and out of Military Road intersection has been a problem for years, but now with major shopping complex it’s also become a traffic nightmare.

    No luck with public transport, buses take too long as they get caught up in all the congestion and the new Midland station only got moved to the other side of Helena Street. Train line extension to Bellevue where people actually live and help get cars out of Midland/bypass Midland altogether has been shelved yet we are extending the Joondalup line to Yanchep into empty bushland to head off future development. Once again the eastern suburbs miss out.

    Even something simple like a dedicated Principal Shared Path hugging the freight railway line from Midland station via Bellevue, Swan View and Stratton would give people a safe way to ride bicycles in and out of Midland and the train station, but I have no faith in Swan or Mundaring to deliver.

    A blind man could see the traffic problem growing worse and worse, yet the incompetent councils of Swan and Mundaring have done nothing about it. Closing Robinson Road with no alternative will just make the situation even worse. Midvale continues to be opened up for further development and housing along Farrell Road but the infrastructure isn’t keeping up. Morrison Road forms the boundary between Swan and Mundaring in Swan View, sent emails to both complaining about the state of Morrison Road and both councils point to the other saying it’s their problem.

    Wrote to Michelle Roberts on the 8th of November with the above and never received a response.

    Something needs to be done yesterday to allow Midland to handle the population and traffic growth but no one in local or state government level seems interested in doing anything about it.

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