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Back row: Lt Lyon (4th from left), Lt Halvorsen (8th from left), Capt Keay (2nd from right), Lt Culverwell (10th from left), Capt Hummerston (7th from left).

Search for local descendants of POW officers

By Melissa Sheil

MT HELENA resident Mal Lyon is seeking the descendants of soldiers that lived side by side with his grandfather at a prisoner of war camp in World War I.

Mr Lyon found a photo of 34 Australian officers at the Krefeld POW camp in Germany, taken on May 16, 1917 among his grandfather’s relics, and upon passing it to the Australian War Memorial was told that several people in the photo were local.

Alongside soldiers of the 11th (Lt Peter Lyon), 51st (Lt William Alroe Halvorsen) and 32nd (Capt Aryth Keay) Perth battalions, are Lt Frederick Mitchel Culverwell from the 16th battalion Blackboy Hill and Capt Horace Stanley Hummerston from of the 16th battalion Kalamunda.

“As there is a Hummerston Street and Road in both Mt Helena and Kalamunda, I thought that there may be a Hummerston family member or another family that could be recognised in the area,” Mr Lyon said.

“I suspect that those who gave their address as Blackboy Hill may have been simply because that is where they enrolled, and they may not have been a local at all, but it’s worth a try.

“I’m interested in my grandfather’s involvement in WWI and have visited the officers camp in Germany they were held at, so I thought that if there are any family of the officers similarly interested, they might like to get a copy.”

All soldier’s names and suburbs are located at www.awm.gov.au/collection/C396821

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